My daughter has special needs, and we have been going to Stones Worth Stepping for about 5 1/2 years now. It is a place that has occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, and feeding therapy. We have done all of them at one time or another. They have helped me to teach her to tie her shoes, zip zippers, cut meat with a knife properly, tolerate hair brushing and to brush her hair by herself. Starting therapy there has been one of the best parenting choices I have ever made.

I searched unsuccessfully for years trying to find answers and solutions for my son's sensory issues. After many years of research, I discovered Sensory Processing Disorder. Everything I read about it fit my son perfectly! Soon after I found Emily Worth at Stones Worth Stepping. We had our evaluation and began treatment. She made it all a reality. She changed our lives. My son has improved in so many different aspects of life! The treatment Emily has provided my son is far superior to any other treatments he's received for SPD.  A specific treatment that Eddie receives from Emily is Craniosacral Therapy. CST has played a vital role in my son's treatment. The improvement after a session is remarkable!  Thank you for all that you've done, do and will do, Emily! You're a savior!

In the six months that Amanda has received sensory integration therapy at Stones Worth Stepping, I have seen HUGE results. Amanda is like a flower blossoming every day. The therapy has helped build Amanda's self confidence. She has gained coordination and is succeeding in achieving self-regulation. We are PROUD of her accomplishments and are very impressed with the results of occupational therapy. It is a piece of our puzzle.

When we first started working with Emily a year and a half ago, my daughter Joslyn had significant sensory issues. Joslyn would not go near slides or swings at parks and would get very overwhelmed at crowded, public events. Thanks to Emily's expertise with sensory integration and alternative therapies, Joslyn has now overcome most of her sensory issues. In fact, she now loves to swing and is always asking to 'go higher.' And Joslyn is doing much better in public. Joslyn also works on her handwriting and speech. I am happy to say that both have improved immensely. Our entire family enjoys working with Emily and her staff. As of mom of two special needs kids, I really appreciate the fact that Emily is pleasant, smart, innovative, and open minded about all therapies. I highly recommend Stones Worth Stepping!

Stones Worth Stepping has made a huge difference in my daughter’s life. The therapists have diligently worked to identify the areas she needs help with and have been extremely supportive of our family’s hectic schedule. My daughter has thrived under their care. Emily and her crew have also made me feel less anxious and isolated with their support and their vast knowledge of therapeutic techniques. Anytime I find someone who is in need of occupational therapy, or even simply an initial evaluation, I don’t hesitate to recommend calling Stones Worth Stepping!

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