Baby steps: Early Development Therapy Program


Why Intervene Early?

Significant research shows that the earlier intervention occurs ina  child's life, the more success that child will experience. Our early development therapy program is designed to meet the needs of the children at their ability levels.


Who Are We?

We are a therapy team that provides medically-based services in the home, community, or clinic. Our experienced and qualified physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language therapists partner with families to provide the greatest possible progress. Therapists are specially trained in Myofascial Release, DIR floor time Intervention, Kinesiotaping, Orthotics/Splinting, feeding difficulties, and infant massage.


Our Services

  • Developmental Screenings

  • Formal Evaluations

  • Individual and/or Group Therapy

  • Parent Education Programs

  • Car Seat Assessments

Occupational Therapy

  • Fine Motor Mevelopment

  • Pre-writing skills

  • Sensory Integration/Processing

  • Self-care Skills

  • Self-regulaton Skills

Physical Therapy

  • Gross Motor Skills

  • Balance

  • Gait

  • Mobility

  • Posture and Alignment

Speech-Language Therapy

  • Language Expression

  • Language Comprehension

  • Auditory Processing

  • Articulation

  • Pragmatic Speech

  • Voice

  • Fluency

  • Executive Functions

Feeding and Swallowing Therapy

  • Oral Sensory Motor Skills

  • Feeding/Swallowing Skills

  • Food Aversion

  • Progression of Self-feeding Skills

  • Seating and Postural Stability/Support

  • Aerodigetice/Gastrointestinal Complications

  • Bottle-feeding Skills