Physical Therapy

Physical therapy offers our children the opportunity to participate in everyday activities with comfort and ease. Our biomechanical approach facilitates a child's development using proper alignment and postural stability techniques. We focus on improving core and peripheral strength to ensure adequate endurance during functional activities. We assist in the progression of agility and movement activities so that they may perform higher level complex tasks that are age appropriate. Our therapy is carried out with therapy balls, tricycles/bikes, in stairwells, on balance beams, on bolsters, using soccer balls, jump ropes, and hopscotch. We make therapy fun by turning into a "game" and use "play" to accomplish the child's goals.

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In physical Therapy, we have been developing our department into one that accepts and desires all challenges. we specialize in neurodevelopmental delays along with general gross motor delays that inhibit our patients to function in their typical environment. This means staring at a young age to aide in integration of primitive reflexes, achieve range of motion within normal limits, developing good core control and parent education in regards to a home program. Listed below we have shared with you our most frequent diagnoses, specialization and unique niches.
  • Tortocollis with kinesiotape approach to inhibit overactive musculatre and facilitate full range of motion and strength
  • Hypotonia
  • Gross motor developmental delay
  • Core control/stabilization for improved breathing and digestion
  • cerebral palsy
  • genetic abnormalities
  • scoliosis/kyphosis/lordosis
  • injury
  • tendon release
  • autism spectrum disorder: gait, posture, coordination, etc.
  • spinal muscular atrophy
  • muscular dystrophy 
  • down syndrome