Speech-Language Therapy

Individual intervention is focused on addressing the developmental language challenges a child may be exhibiting. Individual goals may focus on achieving functional communication through spoken language, sign language, or the use of an AAC device.  Additionally, individual goals may focus on following directions, sequencing, answering questions appropriately, building language, increasing length of utterances, improving conversational turn-taking, improving articulation, literacy, auditory processing skills, using correct verb tense, appropriate sentence structure, etc.

Specialized Interventions

Group Therapy

Group intervention is focused on addressing the social language challenges a child may be exhibiting.  Social behaviors discussed include:

  • Making friends

  • Joining groups

  • Arguments/Apologies

  • Personal Space

  • Eye Contact

  • Whole body listening

  • Topic Maintenance

  • Reading Emotions

  • Expressing emotions

  • Affecting other’s emotions

  • Predicting consequences

  • Social inferences

Play-based social groups are used for preschool-aged children.  Role playing and video modeling are implemented for older children to help make the social concepts more concrete.